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[Article updated: August 2023]
According to the sites that market it, Trimplex Elite is a slimming pill and fat burner.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this product is part of a pack that contains two products, namely Trimplex Elite and Cleanse Booster.

The latter is considered a detox solution for cleansing the body and colon, so it serves to prepare the body by ridding it of toxins to ensure healthy, lasting weight loss.

However, according to these sites, it is recommended to use both products together.

In fact, this type of pack, comprising two products – one for slimming and one for detoxing – is widely available from many manufacturers of slimming food supplements.

Detox is an essential and necessary step. It prepares the body to begin its future weight loss process.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on Trimplex Elite.

The same points detailed in this article also apply to Cleanse Booster, at least as far as the manufacturer and safety are concerned.


Here are the advantages presented by the retailer sites we consulted:

  • Green coffee extract has been scientifically proven to help reduce body fat and fat cells, inhibit the body’s ability to store fat and boost blood sugar levels [1, 2, 3].
  • Combined with exercise, Trimplex Elite can be an effective supplement to further stimulate weight loss and improve metabolic function. It thus promotes fat burning.
  • It may also help boost energy levels.


Many scientific reports claim that raspberry ketone – the active ingredient in Trimplex Elite – is not effective when taken orally.

Other studies have shown that you need to consume very high doses of this substance to achieve weight-loss results.

Unfortunately, the dosage of raspberry ketone contained in this supplement is not specified. So it’s difficult to say how effective it is.

Who makes Trimplex Elite?

trimplex-elite-et-cleanse-boosterFaced with these dreamy promises, we set out to find out who makes this famous product.

And strangely enough, we couldn’t find any good information.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Trimplex Elite has a whole army of sites promoting it.

In search of information on its manufacturer, we scoured no less than 20 sites, all dedicated solely to this slimming supplement.

The first thing that jumped out at us was the very poor quality of these sites.

Written in very poor French, which clearly shows the effect of machine translation, these sites are difficult to read and sow doubt as to their hidden intentions.

All these sites display the modest price of around $6 per month in large print. The same price is also displayed for Cleanse Booster, the other add-on to the pack.

This is to be expected, since both products are promoted in the same way and in the same place. Always inseparable.

Trimplex Elite: the concept

This slimming supplement is presented as a natural weight-loss solution.

Made from organic ingredients known for their proven effect on weight loss, it promises to :

  • Accelerate metabolism ;
  • Burn fat stored in the body;
  • Prevent lipid storage in adipose tissue;
  • Reduce or even suppress appetite;
  • Boost and improve immunity;
  • Provide energy.

It also promises lasting weight loss in just 4 weeks.

Dosage and dosage

No information is available online on this subject.

Those who have purchased it find it difficult to use, as no information is provided with the product itself.

Side effects

According to the websites selling this product, there are no side effects to worry about. It is a safe and risk-free product.

Questionable quality of sales sites

Clearly, Trimplex Elite cannot be found in pharmacies or drugstores.

And as we’ve just said, this supplement has an army of sites at its disposal. Sites that all look the same.

Most of them are written in French that hurts the eyes. It’s so badly written that it’s hard to understand the meaning of two consecutive sentences.

For example, on one of them we even found the word (fer à repasser) in its advantages! (Yes, you read that right, iron).

These articles are probably translated from another language (probably English) via an automatic translator.

This hasty translation was carried out with the aim of reaching customers who live in other countries.

One thing’s for sure. With a little more research, we could have found similarly translated sales or promotional sites in other languages, such as Spanish, Italian…

Trimplex Elite and the lure of price

Unfortunately, people seldom take the time to read, and read well, before placing an online order or clicking on a promotional link.

This is also the case when it comes to ordering a product that offers an invitation to a free trial.

These sites are all based on one strong message: PRICE.

Buying Trimplex Elite and Cleanse Booster is too tempting an offer.

Irresistible prices of $5.94 for the former and $5.91 for Cleanse Booster. That’s all you have to pay for this double slimming and detox cure.

In short, less than 12$ for a month’s treatment is fabulous!

What’s more, to fuel your impulsiveness and encourage you to act quickly and without too much thought, these sites display well-crafted marketing messages, such as “exclusive internet offer for French residents only” or “hurry up and book your trial, limited number of trials”.

The aim is clearly to make anyone believe that this message is aimed specifically at them!

Trimplex Elite and the lack of security

Another point, no less important than the first, is security.

None of the sites selling or promoting Trimplex Elite display its legal terms.

None of them display general terms and conditions of sale (GTCs) or return policy, nor even a physical contact address or customer service telephone number. Nothing! Just web pages with zero legal information.

As a reminder, all this information is mandatory for merchant sites.

To conclude this point. All the sites we have visited that promote this product fail to provide even the minimum level of security required.

If you give them your bank details, you do so at your own risk. Be warned!

Several compositions for a single product

Yes, we’re talking about compositions, not one composition.

Apparently, not all these sites agree on a single composition of Trimplex Elite.

And as a result, each of them has opted for the one that will attract the most potential customers.

The first composition we found contains Garcinia cambogia, chromium, potassium and calcium.

The second contains raspberry ketone and green coffee.

A small number of other sites add new ingredients such as anti-oxidants, green tea and, in some cases, superfruits.

And it’s clear that the focus is on the fame and celebrity of these ingredients.

Raspberry Ketone and Garcinia cambogia are well-known ingredients in the world of slimming supplements.

It’s fair to say that they’re rising stars, especially since Dr. Oz solemnly recommended them on his famous TV show.

And if you’re at all interested in the world of slimming supplements, you know what we’re talking about.

We can’t say anything about the side effects of Trimplex Elite, as we don’t know the exact composition or ingredients listed, nor the dosages contained in the product.

The invitation to the Trimplex Elite free trial

This invitation is another point we discussed at length in a previous article, and is a bad-faith maneuver practiced by a significant number of scammers on the net, but which is not illegal in the eyes of the law!

In a nutshell, the free trial consists of sending you a trial sample for a small fee, which generally corresponds to the cost of postage or delivery.

The aim is to trick you into providing your bank details.

A few days later, you’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee corresponding to the full price of the product you’ve received.

Each month thereafter, you’ll receive the product in question, and your account will be debited each month for its full price.

What Internet users have to say

In fact, all the reviews we’ve been able to read mention the free trial scam they’ve fallen victim to. Everyone, without exception, complains about the repeated debits.

On the product side, not a single review confirms or disputes the claims made by this product. Nor does anyone seem to know whether the product works or not.

What could be more normal! Who among us would be so irresponsible as to swallow pills of unknown origin?

And who among us would trust a manufacturer who swindled us out of our money without our consent?

In any case, the negative testimonials are numerous. Internet users are calling Trimplex Elite and Cleanse Booster dangerous products.

Example of online testimonials

Here’s an alarming example of the testimonials we’ve gathered in the course of our research on Trimplex Elite.

Warning, huge scam on the site (…), which offers two products as free samples, and claims that you can lose up to 35 kg!!!
Like many, I’ve been fooled! I ordered these 2 products thinking I’d only have to pay for postage (a modest sum) by credit card.
First of all, I only received one product and of course I didn’t lose 1 gram.

But the worst thing was that 3 weeks later, I noticed abusive direct debits from these sites. Four times about 85.00 euros!

(…) Afterwards, I went back to these fraudulent sites (which are everywhere in advertising, even in the most serious sites) and on closer inspection, I realized that I couldn’t leave a message !!!! (As luck would have it)!!!

If you’re tempted by a product, do the message test BEFORE and don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you can’t leave a message or if you don’t get an answer, in my opinion it will be very significant.

(…) So please be careful….

And to all those in my situation, good luck with the process.

Of course, this testimonial is not an isolated case. We’ve found many testimonials reporting the same experience with Trimplex Elite.

So make sure you know what you’re dealing with before relying on any site on the net, and if you think you’re dealing with a scam, report it on government sites.

Should I buy Trimplex Elite?

The fact that this supplement contains natural ingredients does not make it a safe product.

What’s more, we’re entitled to wonder how credible a product will be if it doesn’t have an official website.

And even on the sites that do promote it, when we want to order it, we find ourselves redirected most of the time, to a sales page for another product!

On the other hand, you can also find some Trimplex Elite offers on Amazon.

At the time of writing, the price is $80. The seller on this platform offers this supplement, as well as other products such as Daily Power Cleanse, Wild Raspberry Ketone, BioSlim, Ultra Pur,…

Products that do not meet our selection criteria in terms of safety and reliability.

The fact that this product is marketed on a well-known platform like Amazon means nothing. It’s an online marketplace where anyone can put products up for sale.

If you’re looking to lose weight safely and without risk, we suggest you try a slimming supplement whose manufacturer is well-known, which has an official dedicated website and which is designed in compliance with current regulations.

Our final verdict

We can’t stress it enough: your health is priceless, but it does have a cost!

So stop looking for bargains at the expense of your health. Sellers of products like Trimplex Elite are looking for profit and nothing else.

They’re not prepared to give you free gifts, but will gladly take advantage of your naiveté. So be careful!

And one last piece of advice!

Observe the rules for buying online that we’ve already mentioned. In particular, avoid free trials or any offer that displays an abnormally low price.

A product has a manufacturing cost. As a result, its selling price must never be lower than this cost. It’s only logical!

So remember to buy your products from well-known manufacturers and sellers who have a good reputation and good reviews and feedback. Like PhenQ for example!

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13 Commentaires

  1. Hello, I was also fooled by this site when I read the notis I was in all 200euros I simply objected and everything is back in order

  2. ditto, I’ve just been ripped off… what a shame, and I haven’t even received the products!!!!
    how to get my money back ????

  3. Priscillia Samuk | 25 March 2023 à 15 h 19 min | Reply

    I received my Trimplex
    But fortunately nothing was charged so
    I just wanted to know
    Do I risk my health with this trimplex or not?
    Thank you for your answer

    • For the time being. But as explained in the article, after a few days you’ll be charged the full amount.
      The answer to your question has already been covered in the article. If we have no information about the manufacturer, if the seller offers an invitation to a free trial, then there is no proof that Trimplex Elite is a safe product and without risk to your health.

  4. Is it possible to get the link to cancel the free trial request. I can’t reach Tim plex customer service. I cancel my credit card.

    • The only contact details available for Trimplex Elite customer service are those I’ve just given Vanessa.
      If you’ve opposed your card, you don’t have to worry about repeated charges to your account.
      For more information, please read our article on the free trial in the “useful info” section on your right.

  5. Hello I’ve just been scammed so can you pass me their number please I can’t find anything on the internet thank you

    • Hello Vanessa,
      Here are the Trimplex Elite customer service contact details I was able to find:
      – Phone: +33 805 08 93 51
      – Email: info-fr @

  6. Hello, I read your emails too late concerning these supplements and their sales method, to prevent any further debit, I have blocked my credit card, I am waiting for their reaction at the time of future debits!!!!! -In their shipment there was a notice specifying how they sell and their future direct debits, but it’s true that this is not honest because at the time of the order and the description nothing is indicated because I would never have placed an order, I like to remain in control of my direct debits and here I was no longer so!!!!!!my reaction was to stop immediately-I started my treatment 3 days ago and it’s true that it cleanses the colon!!!!!too early for weight loss, to be seen,

    • Bonjour Monique,
      You did what was necessary and put your card up against it. This kind of scam is very common on the Internet. You have nothing to reproach yourself for. I do not advise you to continue using Trimplex Elite or any other product of unknown origin. Remember, we’re talking about your health.

  7. A real scam! It’s true that if you don’t take the time to read the information all the way through before ordering, it’s a jackpot for them, debiting the sum of $99.99 twice. Especially since, when you order, you’re told that the test is 100% free, but in the end you pay the delivery charges, plus the full price of the product, plus the cost of overtaxed calls to cancel, and finally the cost of returning the boxes. So in the end, there’s nothing free about it. 100% scam.

    • Thanks Nat. Being informed and sharing our knowledge is the most effective weapon to block the way to these scammers.

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