If you’re looking for an activity tracker at a good price, here’s Misfit Ray


[Article updated: August 2023]
Still in the range of low-cost activity trackers, today we tackle Misfit Ray.

Firstly, it presents itself as a small technological gadget marketed at the same price as the Misfit Shine 2, which was launched a few months before it.

This begs the question: what’s in it for me? And why this new shape?

First of all, we’re dealing with a sensor that fancies itself as a piece of jewelry.

We found our first clue in Misfit Ray’s cylindrical shape.

In fact, this shape was proposed by the manufacturer to solve a problem that all activity trackers have. That of not being able to wear more than one gadget or piece of jewelry around the wrist.

Thanks to its small size, this tracker can be worn with a classic watch or any other piece of jewelry.

The second element of the answer is once again related to form. The Misfit Shine 2 is presented as a classic watch with round contours. And having two round objects on your wrist isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing.

To tell the truth, it has brilliantly replaced Misfit Shine 2 on this point by putting an end to this problem with its cylindrical bracelet look.

Misfit Ray is part of the range of low-cost activity trackers like the Garmin Vivofit 3 or the FitBit Alta which we’ve already tested.

Misfit Ray design and presentation

Misfit presentationIn terms of concept and design, Misfit Ray is a unisex gadget.

That said, the rose gold model with sports strap is reserved for women.

We also think that the black or leather strap will go well with men.

This is a very small watch. It measures 38mm in length and weighs just 8g. It’s also waterproof to 50 meters.

At first glance, Misfit Ray appears as a hollow tube with a strap at either end. On the underside of the unit are the replaceable batteries.

The advantage of this new design is that the straps are well integrated into each end, eliminating the risk of the unit becoming detached from the wristband and thus the risk of losing it en route.

Note that this problem was very present in the case of Misfit Shine 2.

In short, this little tracker is a design success. Slim, comfortable to wear and elegant, to say the least.

However, we regret the absence of the LEDs included in the Misfit Shine 2. In the case of Misfit Ray, they’re just multicolored LEDs.

All in all, it’s fair to say that this new model brings nothing new to the table, apart from its very delicate and practical design.

Activity and sleep tracking

women-in-activityFirst and foremost, it should be noted that Misfit Ray is an activity tracker, not a sports smartwatch.

As such, this little gadget counts your steps, measures distance covered and estimates calories burned.

It also has a built-in accelerometer and tracks activities such as cycling, swimming, yoga or dancing.

However, it contains neither heart rate tracking nor integrated GPS. So you’ll need to use your smartphone’s GPS.

As a rule, Misfit products are very accurate, and on this point, Le Ray is no exception.

And from where we’re standing, we’re thinking more of a Misfit Shine 2 in a new guise.

When tested in practice, this gadget offers results closer to reality than the majority of activity trackers in its range. Distance calculation, too, is precise.

The same can be said for the calculation of calories burned.

What’s also practical is that Misfit Ray tells you how much you still have to walk or swim to get the points that correspond to your daily goal.

It also lets you find friends on Facebook and share your progress.

The Misfit Ray’s sleep tracking functionality is impressive. The application lets you modify your sleep cycle and wake-up time. Practical testing of this feature is very real.

As for the differentiation between deep and light sleep, it’s difficult to test this feature to its true value. To test it, you’ll need medical equipment and a laboratory.

Another quality of the Misfit Ray is the Misfit Move. This application reminds you to move when you pass a certain period of inactivity.

The alert is given by strong vibrations and LED illumination. Impossible to miss. Device synchronization remains correct for smartphones from well-known manufacturers.

Alerts and functions

misfit-ray connected braceletMisfit Ray has no screen to speak of. This doesn’t mean it’s a passive activity tracker.

On the contrary, alerts can be easily activated from the Misfit app.

However, they are limited to calls and sms for the time being. A blue light flashes when you receive an sms and a green light to notify received calls.

It would be ideal if Misfit announced WhatsApp and email notifications too. We think that the manufacturer has deliberately omitted these notifications for reasons of autonomy and battery life.

This choice should normally be up to the user, who should decide whether to receive notifications at the expense of battery life by activating or deactivating this option.

Misfit Ray also features a smart teardrop that you can set to wake you by vibration. All trackers these days have them. So there’s nothing new here.

In short, it’s limited to one or two things you can control from your wrist. LEDs, for example.

Misfit Ray, battery life and charging

misfit-ray battery and charge lifeAs with its predecessor, the Misfit Shine 2, Misfit Ray is equipped with replaceable batteries that can last up to 6 months.

So there’s no need for charging cables or electricity.

Battery levels are visible in the Misfit app. In practice, the batteries can remain fully charged for weeks.

Misfit Ray is powered by two replaceable batteries (ref. 393) found in all convenience stores.

That’s a big plus for this Misfit compared with activity trackers with screens, which only last a week.

Price and accessories

misfit-ray-prices-and-accessoriesThe initial price of the Misfit Ray is $99.99. It is currently on special offer at $84.11 on its online store.

It is available in 6 colors: carbon black, golden pink, navy blue, green, stainless steel, golden stainless steel.

Two bracelets are available: white and black. Other bracelet shades are sold separately.

Other accessories include the Lariat necklace at a special price of $20.02 and a pack of three batteries for $7.

To buy Misfit Ray online, click HERE.

Should I buy Misfit Ray?

If you prefer form over function and have basic activity tracking needs, you’ll probably like Misfit Ray.

It’s certainly an attractive activity tracker that covers basic needs.

The Misfit app is an added bonus. In a nutshell, it’s a basic but attractive tracker.

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