Jawbone UP3, the “most beautiful” activity tracker


[Article updated: August 2023]
In profile, the Jawbone UP3 is undoubtedly a tracker that is generating a lot of interest, this is largely due to the bold claims made by its manufacturer.

Its long-awaited release by fans of activity trackers had to be delayed because of the firm’s ambition to design a perfectly waterproof gadget.

In the end, this was not possible.

Jawbone UP3: Design and concept

jawbone-up3-conceptionFor the design of its new model, the brand once again turned to Swiss designer Yves Béhar.

And compared to its predecessor, the UP24, the Jawbone UP3 comes in a unique size that’s closer to a piece of jewelry than a classic activity tracker.

With its smaller size and movable clasp, this latest model is more comfortable to wear.

Its aluminum frame (less than 0.5% nickel) is surrounded by a hypo-allergenic TPU rubber strap that guarantees no irritation.

With a weight of 29g and dimensions of 220×12.2×9.3mm, it’s certainly the lightest tracker of all.

Its basic design, in particular the black model, is designed to be worn with a suit as well as with sportswear.

The clasp, as comfortable as it is, does have a few security problems, however, and is therefore prone to falling off.

The manufacturer has remedied this problem by adding a buckle to the clasp in its latest edition.

This traker has no OLED display. All it offers are LEDs indicating sleep mode (orange) and activity mode (blue).

There’s also a white LED for app notifications.

As far as other notifications are concerned, the UP3 doesn’t allow you to receive alerts from SMS, email or similar applications from a paired smartphone.

Hardware and heart rate

The Jawbone UP3 is built on an advanced multi-sensor platform that integrates a three-axis accelerometer and bio-impedance sensors.

It also contains skin temperature sensors, including ambient temperature.

These sensors are located inside the band and perform these measurements via 5 small metal squares. For maximum precision, we recommend wearing the device tightly around your wrist.

Don’t worry, it’s always comfortable to wear.

Originally, this tracker did not feature permanent heart rate measurement. The latest update from the manufacturer adds the option of daily passive heart rate monitoring.

Thanks to this new feature, it has become possible to have additional information on your heart rate trend over a week or a month, in addition to the possibility of monitoring the effect of certain factors such as caffeine, sleep or stress on the information collected.

The result is a constant measurement of your morning heart rate.

Jawbone UP3: Activity tracking

jawbone-up3-activity-trackingThe usual activity measurements are generally good.

Thanks to its motion sensor, it provides real step tracking.

The manufacturer claims that once you’ve completed your workout, its app will be able to recognize and record a wide range of sports, such as running, tennis, hiking, and even dancing or Zumba.

For other sports, you can record them manually after you’ve finished your activity.

It also calculates calories burned based on the basal metabolic method.

To get you moving after a set period of inactivity, the device vibrates.

You can define the duration of your period of inactivity, as well as the times when you wish to receive these reminders.

Sleep tracking

According to its manufacturer, this device allows you to differentiate the different stages of your sleep by monitoring your breathing rhythm, body temperature and skin reaction.

The new software launched by the brand enables automatic sleep monitoring.

Heart rate is also monitored during sleep.

And like the Up24, this new model is equipped with smart alarms to ensure a gentle wake-up.

The new UP application

jawbone-up3-applicationThe new version of the Jawbone app presents itself as a complete solution.

It records every part of your daily activity, displaying a timeline and a series of graphs.

It also contains the new Smart Coach which relates interesting information on sleep, performance in relation to recorded data and history, but also in relation to the data of an average user.

This enables everyone to see where they stand in relation to the average in terms of activity.

Smart Coach works through notifications and vibrations.

The Jawbone application is far from being the best compared with other competitors, since other applications such as Withings, for example, offer a richer experience.

Finally, the new version of the Smart Coach, in addition to the advice it provides, offers a panoply of lifestyle tips.

Autonomy and charging

With a 38mAh battery, the Jawbone UP3 can run for up to 7 days. Charging time is around an hour and a half.

This gadget’s autonomy is a strong point. However, the design of the charging cable leaves something to be desired, as it is short, making the charging operation a little tricky.

What’s more, it’s difficult to charge this tracker from a computer’s USB port, as the connector is placed on the wrong side.

Advantages of Jawbone UP3

  • Excellent battery life and autonomy.
  • Precise step tracking.
  • Practical application.
  • Attractive design.


  • Device not waterproof.
  • No display.
  • Price a little high compared to other products in the same range.
  • No continuous heart rate monitoring.

Jawbone UP3: Price and sales site

The Jawbone Up3 is available over the counter from several online stores. Prices are around $130-140.

At the time of writing, we’ve found it online at the attractive price of 73.93$, a 43% discount.

Clearly, this isn’t the cheapest activity tracker on the market, but the price is still right considering the features it offers and its beautiful, jewel-like design.

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