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[Article updated: August 2023]
FitBit is a world leader in bracelets, activity trackers and other connected objects that keep you fit, as well as assessing and monitoring physical performance.

FitBit: An undisputed leader in connected health

Based in San Francisco, FitBit is an American company founded in March 2007 by Eric N. Friedman and James Park.

It specializes in the design, development and marketing of wearable devices that track and monitor physical activity and health.

Examples include bracelets or watches that track a person’s activity and performance, such as calories burned, sleep quality, steps and distances covered [1].

Which FitBit model to choose?

Fitbit continues to be the most popular brand of activity trackers. Its fitness gadgets are easy to wear, simple to use and feature excellent apps.

With a range from $59.95 up to $249.95, the company has done its best to cater not only for those looking to buy their first fitness tracker, but also for all discerning athletes.

Whether you like a Flex 2, Charge 2, Surge, Alta or Blaze, here’s a look at the features of the Fitbit activity trackers currently on sale.

– FitBit Zip™

fitbit-zipZip™ is a small activity sensor that can be slipped discreetly into a pocket, attached to a trouser belt or also to a bra.

It counts steps, distance traveled, as well as calories burned.


On the official store, the FitBit Zip™ electronic trainer costs $59.95.

It is available in the following colors: charcoal black, lime green, midnight blue and finally magenta.

– FitBit Flex™

fitbit-flexFlex™ is a connected bracelet for keeping fit in style.

It’s an activity tracker that keeps track of the number of steps, distance traveled, calories burned, in addition to activity duration.

It also monitors the quality and duration of your sleep.


The pack costs 99.95$. Available wristband colors are: black, slate, purple, lime green, pink, navy blue, orange, turquoise and finally red and blue.

– FitBit One™

fitbit-oneOne™ is a wireless electronic coach for measuring activity (steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed) and monitoring sleep too.

It can be easily attached to a belt as well as a bra.


FitBit One™ costs $99.95. It’s available in black and burgundy.

– FitBit Alta™

fitbit-altaFeaturing automatic recognition of current and sporting activities, Alta™ tracks your daily activities in real time.

With activity reminders, call alerts, sms and calendar reminders, it’s undoubtedly the ideal companion for your daily fitness.


FitBit Alta™ costs $139.95. Available colors are: black-silver, blue-silver, plum-silver and also blue-green-silver. Special Edition colors: black-gold and pink-gold.

For more information on the FitBit Alta, please read our detailed test.

– FitBit Charge 2™

fitbit-charge-2Charge 2™ lets you track your daily sports activities, calculate the number of calories burned and also monitor the quality of your sleep.

Thanks to its Pure Pulse™ function, it monitors and tracks your heart rate for better optimization of your sessions and gives a real insight into your cardio fitness level.

Finally, it guides you with personalized breathing exercises.


FitBit Charge 2™ is available in the following colors: black-silver, plum-silver, blue-silver and also in blue-green-silver. Other Special Edition colors are lavender-rose gold and black-anthracite.

The price of this pack is $159.95.

– FitBit Blaze™

fitbit-blazeBlaze™ is undoubtedly the ideal tool for keeping fit in style.

It’s a smart fitness watch equipped with advanced features such as PurePulse™ heart rate, GPS connected via Bluetooth technology, on-screen exercise display and other useful features.


The FitBit Blaze™ watch is available for sale on the official FitBit store at the price of $229.95.

– FitBit Surge™

fitbit-surgeThe GPS-equipped super-connected Surge™ watch continuously monitors heart rate, displays your activity statistics and also monitors your sleep.


The FitBit Surge™ super watch is available on FitBit’s official store for $249.95.

– FitBit Aria™ : The smart Wi-Fi scale

fitbit-ariaAnd yes, even scales have become connected these days too! The Aria™ smart scale will radically change the way you weigh yourself.

Data logging, connectivity via Wi-Fi, automatic synchronization, and plenty of other options. That’s what this new-age scale has to offer.


The FitBit Aria™ connected scale is available for $119.95 on the brand’s official store.

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