FitBit Alta, an elegant activity tracker for monitoring your physical activity


[Article updated: August 2023]
FitBit Alta is a new model. This connected bracelet is a refined variant of the earlier Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One, which each feature a removable modular sensor.

This new concept is also influenced by the great impact of the aesthetic evolution of other activity trackers.

To compete with rivals such as the Misfit Ray FitBit has finally opted for personalized accessories and wristbands.

SmartTrackthe new automatic exercise recognition feature, records every activity and queues it up in your training program.

Introducing the FitBit Alta

presentation-fitbit-altaThe basic FitBit Alta looks like a typical fitness tracker.

There’s a small OLED screen with a display resolution of 128 x 36 pixels and a size of 1.4 inches positioned in the middle of a quick-release band.

To activate the Alta in standby mode, touch the screen twice or simply rotate your wrist as you do to check your watch.

This gesture will display the time and date, either vertically or horizontally, depending on your selection in the Fitbit companion application.

To move to another page or display another measurement, such as calories burned, simply tap once. There are four pages in all, in addition to the time and date page.

Compared to other trackers from the same brand, FitBit Alta is probably the best-looking. But first, let’s take a look at what you get with the standard version.

FitBit Alta, the basic model

Inside the box, you’ll find the FitBit Alta module, as well as a set of “classic” elastomer bands.

In addition to instruction booklets, there’s also a USB dongle that can be used by those who prefer to sync their gadget with a desktop or laptop instead of a smartphone.

The module itself is simple, yet elegant in design.

In appearance we have a plastic coating on the screen, to the touch of glass with a slight curve from end to end.

The body of the tracker is wrapped in a brushed metal casing that gives it a beautiful visual appearance.

The brand reveals its latest charger model. Unlike the Charge and Surge, which come with snap-inchargers, the FitBit Alta breaks new ground.

FitBit Alta: design

woman-wearing-bracelet-connectedIts concept is similar to the FitBit Blaze, with one major difference: the removable part.

This new concept is likely to encourage more users to choose the FitBit Alta because of the ability to exchange accessories as they see fit.

To benefit from the extra bands and change your look, you’ll need to pay $29.95.

Deluxe bands in pink or graphite leather cost $59.95, while stainless steel bands cost $99.95.

The bands are available in three sizes, ideal for wrists measuring 14-17cm and 17-20.6cm. The band itself is 15mm wide. It is therefore much thinner than that of the FitBit Charge.

FitBit Alta attaches with a two-prong mechanism, unlike many others in the range, which have straps that fasten around your wrist like a traditional watch.

Overall, the FitBit Alta is actually a very elegant activity tracker.

The question of comfort

fitbit-alta-comfortThe FitBit Alta is comfortable to wear. However, avoid wearing it in the shower, as it is not waterproof.

According to its manufacturer, even though it’s resistant to rain, sweat and splashes, it’s advisable to take it off if you want to jump into a pool or take a shower.

Fitbit Alta is comfortable enough to wear all day and all night, largely thanks to a few factors built into its design.

FitBit Alta is just as comfortable with two pins on one side and a series of holes on the other to attach them. It’s generally easier to put on, doesn’t pinch arm hair and the adjustment is accessible just to the right.

FitBit Alta features

Beneath the tough plastic cover is an easy-to-see OLED display. Below the screen, this tracker comes with an accelerometer that tracks your steps.

This wearable runs on Bluetooth 4.0, and also features a vibration engine, an essential feature in today’s connected devices.

It buzzes to inform you of texts and calls, and emits celebratory messages when you reach your goals.

Depending on your route and based on a three-axis accelerometer, FitBit Alta counts your steps, calculates the distance you’ve covered, the duration of your activity and the number of calories burned.

Thanks to FitBit’s SmartTrack technology, certain activities are detected automatically. They are automatically added to the FitBit applicationapplication, as is the case with other FitBit models.

FitBit Alta also tracks your sleep automatically.

You can check your progress directly from your wrist by tapping on the screen.

The screen lights up every time you turn your wrist to check the time.

Runners and those looking for more intense tracking will have to look elsewhere. There are no extra features like GPS, optical heart rate monitor or floor climbing.

Activity tracking

fitbit-alta-and-activity-trackingAccording to our tests, FitBit Alta has good sensitivity.

Thanks to the new SmartTrack function, there’s no need to manually connect to your fitness activities.

It starts tracking them after just a few minutes of movement.

Overall, step tracking is simple to trigger, but still tricky. If you bounce from place to place for a few seconds, it may add a bunch of false steps to your progress.

Sleep tracking also lacks precision. The FitBit Alta doesn’t track sleep phases properly.

FitBit recently launched an update aimed at boosting the sleep tracking capabilities of its companion app.

The new feature, called Sleep Program, does much more than simply track how long you’ve slept each night.

It records your habits and compares them with other data collected anonymously from other FitBit users.

After analyzing this data, it gives you a personalized set of goals that tell you when it’s best to go to sleep and when to wake up each day.


With FitBit Alta, you’ll get three kinds of notifications (call, text and basic calendar) displayed on the screen and accompanied by a short vibration.

When it comes to long texts, they’ll be partially displayed and you’ll have to remove your phone to read the whole message.

Unfortunately, notifications from third-party applications are not available.

On the goal side, reminders are issued hourly and throughout the day.

If you don’t want to be constantly disturbed, you can customize the start and end reminders to specific times and even specific days.

The FitBit Alta app

If you’ve already used a FitBit activity trackeractivity tracker, the application will look familiar, since it’s essentially the same interface.

It’s a beautiful ecosystem full of social challenges with badges to earn, all clearly defined and easy to use. You can also log food and water, and so track your weight loss.

The companion FitBit app is the same one used for all other FitBit devices currently available.

The FitBit app allows you to link up with a number of third-party fitness apps.

Compatibility and synchronization

On the synchronization side, the FitBit Alta can pose a few problems at first.

It sometimes requires you to restart your terminal (phone or tablet) before it syncs and works perfectly.

But in general, and apart from these minor inconveniences, synchronization works perfectly.

You could download the FitBit app on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1.

If you’re a desktop or mobile user, FitBit has included a USB dongle that you’ll need to sync the Alta with the apps.

Battery life

FitBit notes that the Alta’s battery life should extend to five days depending on usage. Note that the standard duration for screenless trackers is one week.

The FitBit Alta’s battery life is its best feature. Fitbit has not revealed the exact mAh capacity of the Alta’s battery.

The FitBit Alta’s charger is different from other FitBit chargers. This charger is in the form of a clip that connects to the back of the module. It’s certainly safer than other magnetic chargers.

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