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Today, we’re going to talk about a slimming supplement that’s been praised by several websites. We’re talking about Biocore Trim.Our guest of the day Biocore Trim and Pure Renewal Cleanse go together, but are sold separately or in a single pack.Their combination is recommended to add the detox effect of the latter to the weight loss effect guaranteed by the former.But is this product safe? Is it effective? Is it safe to consume? Where can I buy it, and at what price?

Biocore Trim promises

This supplement is presented as a fat burner that offers the following benefits:
  • Lose weight in a healthy, natural way;
  • Maintain weight;
  • Effortless and effective fat burning;
  • Control your cravings in a natural way;
  • Boost metabolism;
  • Cleanse the body;
  • All with zero side effects.

About Biocore Trim

bottle-biocore-trimBiocore Trim has no official website!All we’ve found are reseller sites with links to an order page.Most of these sites are obviously translated from another language, probably English, into very rough French.This is apparently a machine translation.No information is available from the manufacturer.So it’s impossible to make a clear judgment, or to assess the quality of this product’s components. The same goes for the production process.On to the product.Biocore Trim is a dietary supplement designed to help you lose weight thanks to a 100% natural formula.It is presented as a weight management aid. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.


Since we couldn’t find its official website, we had to look elsewhere for its composition.The product’s packaging states that it is composed of raspberry ketone, green coffee and antioxidants.Paradoxically, on other retailer sites, we read that this product is made from a pumpkin-shaped fruit much praised by the famous Dr Oz.This automatically brought to mind the famous Garcinia cambogia which has become very well known in recent years.However, Biocore Trim’s packaging makes no mention of this claim.It is therefore impossible to verify the veracity of the information contained on these retail websites. Therefore, common sense dictates that we refer to the label affixed to the product.

Composition according to the product label

As previously stated, this supplement is composed of antioxidants. However, the two visible ingredients are
  • Raspberry ketone Raspberry ketone, or Raspberry Ketone is a natural organic substance produced by raspberries.
    Thanks to its chemical structure, which is very similar to capsaicin, it is renowned for its action on appetite. It is also known for its action on the body’s energy expenditure, but to a lesser extent.
  • Green coffee In addition to the caffeine we all know, green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid. This acid disappears after the roasting process (roasting the beans), which is why green coffee is so interesting.

Antioxidant formula according to retailer websites

At this point, things get a little more complicated. After consulting a number of English-language websites, we came across several different formulas.The antioxidant ingredients that come up time and again in Biocore Trim’s composition are these:
  • Acai berry Acai berry is said to reduce appetite and increase muscle tone and metabolism.
  • Senna Leaf Known for their laxative effects, these leaves are used to treat constipation, improve intestinal transit and accelerate peristaltic movements.
  • Green Tea Green tea stimulates fat burning, accelerates metabolism and improves physical performance. It also increases insulin sensitivity, reduces blood pressure and aids digestion.
  • Licorice Useful for treating digestive disorders, stomach ulcers and chronic gastritis.

How does it work?

The ingredients in this supplement’s formula are designed to stimulate metabolism.As a result, your body will burn more calories, even at rest.According to retailer websites, this supplement also provides the energy to cover your training sessions.It also eliminates toxins and acts on appetite and cravings.

Biocore Trim and scientific studies

Among the well-known benefits of raspberry ketone is its action on adrenalin levels. As a result, metabolism is accelerated and fat burning is enhanced.It also has an effect on adiponectin production. This hormone is involved in regulating glucose and lipid metabolism.It promotes fat breakdown, by stimulating production of the enzymes responsible for this process.According to a recent study [1] carried out in Japan, raspberry ketone has the ability to block the effects of a high-fat diet on the body, helping to prevent and limit obesity.Regular consumption of green coffee reduces adipose tissue in the body by 15-30%.A meta-analysis [2] encompassing a systematic review of clinical trials carried out to date has demonstrated that consumption of green coffee extracts can promote weight loss.

Dosage and directions for use

No information is available on this subject.We have guessed that, given that the Biocore Trim bottle contains 60 capsules and that manufacturers of slimming pills generally take a 1-month course of treatment, the dosage should be two pills a day. (?)

Contraindications and precautions for use

As far as contraindications are concerned, the retailer’s website makes no mention of any.Biocore Trim can be taken by everyone (?)For our part, we generally advise against the use of dietary supplements by pregnant or breast-feeding women.Legislation also prohibits the sale of such products to children and minors.Anyone suffering from an illness or health complication should consult their doctor before using this product.

Side effects

According to retailer websites, Biocore Trim has no side effects.The combination of raspberry ketone and green coffee extract represents no danger to human health.The problem with this product is that the dosages of these two substances are not communicated.Consequently, it is impossible to determine whether or not this product has any potential side effects. It’s also impossible to know whether the doses it contains are optimal for human health or not.

Consumer opinions

The testimonials we have been able to consult largely reflect pronounced disappointment.But to be fair, this has nothing to do with Biocore Trim itself. Rather, it has to do with the bank debits that follow the order of the free trial offer.The people behind these testimonials warn of the repetitive and abusive direct debits they have been subjected to.The only positive reviews of this product are those written by the sellers themselves.We explain why you shouldn’t trust this product.

Biocore Trim free trial: what you need to know

The first question that springs to mind is: how can a merchant offer such a large quantity of his product in exchange for the payment of shipping costs alone, which generally do not exceed the sum of 10$?With this in mind, we began our research. We discovered that sellers mention the following conditions on their general terms and conditions page (for those who have one):
If you are not satisfied with Biocore Trim, you will need to contact customer service by telephone and request a Return Authorization Number (RAM). Return instructions will be sent to you.If you wish to continue using your product 14 days after your order date, you are invited to do nothing. The manufacturer will invoice your bank account for a bottle of Biocore Trim at the price of 99.99$.After 45 days from your initial free trial order, you will receive a new bottle every month, the amount of which will be automatically charged to your credit card, i.e. 94.99$ + 9.99$ delivery charges.This operation will be renewed every 30 days if you do nothing to stop it.
This kind of practice is unacceptable, because it’s a sign of hidden bad faith.But it’s not illegal, unfortunately.When you try to contact Biocore Trim customer service, your call will go unanswered. At best, you’ll be dealing with someone who doesn’t speak French.Another thing you need to know! This type of manufacturer generally outsources its customer service to independent call centers. These centers are usually located in another country where this service is less expensive.

Biocore Trim: Price

The price is $99.99, including delivery.The current promotion is none other than this suspicious invitation to a free trial.A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered for trial orders only!

Where can I buy Biocore Trim?

Biocore Trim is not available in pharmacies or drugstores.
It is only available online.Just type its name into a search engine. You’ll then have access to several retailer sites, all redirecting you to the same sales page.Before buying Biocore Trim or Pure Renewal Cleanse, we’d like to remind you that we don’t recommend free trial offers.If you want to lose a few pounds, choose a product that contains tested and scientifically proven ingredients. If applicable, it should have a real official website and online store.And don’t forget to find out as much as you can about it, and consult consumer reviews.Alternatively, I suggest PhenQ, a powerful fat burner with excellent results. To find out more about this product, read our article on PhenQ.

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